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There Goes Lo

Repurposed Gucci Necklaces

Repurposed Gucci Necklaces

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Repurposed Gucci Necklace

Expertly crafted for those who appreciate luxury and sustainability, these Repurposed Gucci Necklaces are unique and make for a perfect gift. Each piece is carefully crafted using upcycled materials, reducing waste and promoting ethical fashion. Make a statement with style and purpose.

Materials: Sterling Silver 


There Goes Lo is not affiliated with any associated brands in any form. The products sold on this website are vintage, previously owned, or second hand authentic luxury pieces purchased lawfully and are altered from their original state. There Goes Lo does not claim any rights of the symbols, trademarks, or any other related luxury markings. The use of infringement or counterfeit goods is against our policy and is prohibited. There Goes Lo is not affiliated with Gucci. Gucci is a registered trademark of Gucci.


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